‘Doom’ Gameplay Brought the Gore Fresh Out of Hell to E3!

Blood, guts and demonic mutilation. This Doomreboot is a brilliant take on a classic. Today we are witness to the rebirth of one of the world’s most iconic horror shooters. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Doom!

The Doom reboot made its long awaited debut at E3 yesterday and it was brutal. The lights were dimmed as Bethesda unveiled their highly anticipated gameplay trailer for their beloved Doom franchise.

I was positively vibrating with anticipation when Bethesda announced the imminent reveal of their Doom reboot. The room fell dark, an eerie silence settled amongst the crowd, the speakers came to life with a static crackle. Heart pounding, the trailer exploded into life.

The trailer opens with the player kitting up and embarking on what appears to be an extermination mission. The gameplay trailer walks us through a seemingly abandoned space station that is littered with demon scum. The mission? Total extermination!

This reboot hails the return of the Imps, Revenants, and the Mancubus. These demonic monsters are back – and with an attitude that stinks worse than their burning flesh.

Bethesda’s Doom has not only introduced a more dynamic mantle ability but players can now enter into cinematic type engagements with the enemy forces. This brand new combat integration technology allows players to pull off jaws, stomp on skulls, and pull out hearts… Yeah!

The gameplay included the typical run and gun tactics we expected, while also introducing the new feature of the double-jump ability. These new features provide Doom with more of a non-linear gameplay feel. Targets will come at you from all angles, so stay sharp.

Finishing moves and parkour-style gaming? We got it. Big guns and dismembered bodies? Doom has it. Fallen foes drop supplies and remain strewn in your wake. I hope players are able to amass epic piles of demons as we did in the past.

Free-running and gore-tastic finishing moves is the hottest thing, and Doomdefinitely has both! We saw a brilliant selection of firepower from the trailer: the iconic shotgun, super shotgun, assault rifle, plasma rifle, chaingun, heavy machine gun, BFG and, of course, the piece de resistance – the chainsaw – all featured in the gameplay trailer.

That’s right, don’t have the key or the correct fingerprint ID to make it through a door or building? Doom‘s answer? Find someone that does and simply rip it off and take that with you to use instead. A segment of the gameplay showcases our protagonist ripping the arm off of a nearby corpse, and using the severed appendage to activate a keypad on a locked door. Brilliant!


I loved the gameplay and couldn’t get enough of the animated dismemberment. Could this get repetitive? A little boring after an hour of demon slaying? Maybe, but at the same time, there seems to be such a variety of weaponry to rip through those demonic fiends that by the time we get bored of finding new ways of taking down these new creatures we will be sitting right here again talking about E3 2016.

There was also a multiplayer aspect showcased that keeps with the iconicDoom aesthetic. Large arena-style run and gun with a variety of game modes. This Doom reboot may just have what it takes to survive, but will you?

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