The First of the Warcraft Movie TV Spots Has Landed!

Finally, more news from the world of Azeroth! Legendary Pictures have aired the first TV spot for their upcoming movie based on Blizzard’s iconic video game series, World of Warcraft.

Short but sweet, the 30-second snapshot into the now real World of Warcraftteases more than it gives away. The spot sheds a little more light on the relationships between the leading characters but holds back on giving too many new clues. The promo is made up of mostly recycled footage from last year’s trailer but it certainly goes a long way to add to the hype of this highly anticipated title.

When worlds collide

The storyline will share that of the first game in the Warcraft series — 1994’sWarcraft: Orcs & Humans. Duncan Jones (director) says he’ll “spend equal time” on both factions, adding a heavy dose of “choose your side” to conflict the audience.

So far, it looks great. From what we saw in the teaser last year and the imagery portrayed in this latest TV spot, the direction and portrayal seem spot on. Not only will this be a visceral spectacle to behold, but it also boasts an all-star cast.

The movie promises to bring this iconic gaming series to life on a world-shattering scale this summer. Directed by Duncan Jones (Source Code), and starring the likes of Ben Foster, Dominic Cooper, Paula Patton, Toby Kebbel, and Clancy Brown, this Warcraft will rock the very foundations of Azeroth.

Warcraft has had a particularly long production; it took a whopping 123 days to shoot, missing the original release date of December 2015 and since then has been moved a further two times. If the movie sticks to its latest release date we should see Warcraft hitting theaters in June.

I am excited — this could be the video game to movie adaptation that we have all been waiting for. I genuinely look forward to seeing the end result here —WoW boasts a massive world to draw inspiration from and is certainly not the easiest to attempt to recreate.

With magic, spells and hideously large mythical creatures at the heart of the game, Duncan Jones (and team) certainly have a lot of work to do. But what really excites me from what we have been shown so far is the amount of actual real world interaction that is involved. Yes, sure there is CGI, but there is also a comparable amount of practical effects involved, and this I love.

I genuinely want your thoughts below, but I for one am so glad to see that we didn’t see yet another feature length animation/adaptation. Bring it on Jones, we are ready!


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