Battalion 1944 Is The Next Gen World War II Shooter We Have All Been Waiting For!

Battalion 1944 is tearing down the modern day shooter and taking us back to basics. This brand new World War II multiplayer shooter will be built on Unreal 4 and is currently in the works for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Battalion 1944 is taking its inspiration from the iconic. This talented team are taking their inspiration from the original classic shooters. UK-based studio Bulkhead Interactive are aiming to capture the “core of classic multiplayer shooters” and bring it to life using “the most advanced industry technology”.

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The team over at Bulkhead grew up playing first person shooters. Like myself and many others, they started out playing the old war classics like Medal of Honour, Call of Duty 2 and Counter Strike. The battles in these games were compact, fast and actually required a lot of genuine talent to win. It was pure down the barrel action – oh how I miss it.

Bulkhead are stripping the modern shooter down – taking the best of what today’s games offer us in visceral fidelity but waving goodbye to “unbalanced unlocks and overpowered abilities,” – Battalion 1944 could very well be the real deal.

Battalion 1944 will be evoking the nostalgia of millions of gamers out there with this stunning rebirth of the iconic. Players will be able to jump back into an authentic world long since forgotten – eclipsed by exosuits and wall running – ready to storm the beaches one more time in unrivaled, never before seen beauty.


Authenticity and customization will be at the core of Battalion 1944. The team are using real world locations to create the games authentic environmental experiences. Fight with your band of brothers in such locations as Carentan and the forests of Bastogne.

Weapons too, each weapon has been painstakingly mapped, detailed and even fired. Bulkhead want nothing to detract from their authentic World War II experience. All the noises you hear in the game are real, from the crunching of leaves underfoot to the ear-splitting crack and ping of your rifle as it discharges its last round.

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With multiplayer at the heart of this game, Battalion 1944 will also offer a feature called BattleRank – a dedicated global ranking system. Players will have the option to ramp up their game and join a battalion and compete in larger scale battles against other factions. This will earn the player even more exclusive rewards for their character.

The World War II shooter is definitely due a revival, the big guns in the industry today have opted to invest in the future of war as opposed to returning to the old school. I for one am extremely excited, scratch that – extraordinarily excited that this talented group of developers have banded together to bring us a product that has been sorely overlooked for way too long.


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