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Suit Up – Watch the Fallout 4 Opening Cinematic Here!

Fallout 4, the game that we have all been waiting for is just a day away. With the embargo officially lifted, we can finally reveal to you the beautifully tragic opening cinematic for Fallout 4. The year is 2027 and war has ravaged the world, excessive consumption of resources has plunged the world into war….read more

Footage from Canned Star Wars Game is Finally Revealed!

If like me, you love checking out footage of previously canned video games, then today you are in for a treat. Star Wars First Assault was a FPS that was shut down back in 2012. I have known of its existence for some time now and just assumed that along with the project, any and…read more

Battlefield 4 Community Operations Gameplay Video is Bonkers!

Battlefield 4 is by far and away one of the most addictive online shooters of all time. Aside from maybe Call of Duty and Counterstrike – the Battlefield series single handedly rocked a generation. No one does war like Battlefield, the Battlefield series is famous for delivering the realistic hard hitting reality of war to…read more

Iconic Back to the Future Scene Recreated in GTA 5!

Yup, we’re all about Back to the Future, again. The hype has officially reached fever pitch levels and the video game industry is certainly no stranger to the hype. October 21st 2015 is no ordinary day, as it is officially recognised as Back to the Future day. October 21st 2015 is the day that Marty…read more

5 of the Most Awesome Epic Fails From the Star Wars Battlefront Beta

The Battlefront Beta is over and with it comes the inevitable depression – the long and painful wait until the actual release date comes around. Of course in the interim we can all turn to the internet for our Battlefront fix. The internet is awash with Star Wars Battlefront gameplay – it is epic moments…read more

Fallout 4’s New Live Action Trailer Is a Thing of Absolute Beauty!

The post apocalyptic clock is ticking Fallout fans. With just under a month to go before we all get our hands on the game, Bethesda have really ramped up the PR with this beautiful live action trailer. Set in a sparse and barren land following a nuclear war that has left you, the sole survivor…read more