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Super Smash Bros in Real Life Is an Awesome Sight to Behold!

Yup, that title did indeed say ‘Smash Bros in real life.‘ This video could almost come to us direct from our own imaginations. The clever cloggs over at SoKrispyMedia have brought many a gamer’s fantasy to life in this hilarious first person battle. This latest nugget of gaming gold is a brilliant amalgamation of virtual reality…read more

Naughty Dog Reaches Out to Broken Family That Lost Their Hero

Game developer Naughty Dog once again proved that the Internet can be a beautiful and compassionate place. Bringing people together has always been at the heart of the video game industry. The world of gaming is a vast and diverse universe; it is about shared experiences and like-minded people working towards a shared goal. Until…read more

Batman: Arkham Knight Has A Secret Intro! The Joker’s Not Actually Dead!?

That was not a typo, Batman: Arkham Knight does indeed have a secret intro that involves the Joker. The internet has been awash with Batman: Arkham Knight discoveries over the past week but this is taking top spot! Fans worldwide have been wondering what influence the Joker will have onBatman: Arkham Knight. Sure, there have…read more