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Fallout 4 is a Must For Every Gamer This Christmas – The Review!

As the inevitable Christmas crisis of what to buy and what not to buy your loved ones looms – look no further than Bethesda’s latest smash hit title,Fallout 4. Fallout 4 is a shockwave of entertainment that rips through your world from the moment you switch it on. In this mighty action-packed, open world game,…read more

This New Marvel Avengers Game Goes Somewhere Totally Unexpected!

Marvel-ous news everybody, Marvel have just announced their next game. This latest offering however has taken a decidedly different approach to the series. Were going somewhere completely different, somewhere totally unexpected – were going, back to school! Marvel Avengers Academy is the all new superhero simulator that sees the entire Avenger team transformed back to…read more

A Witcher Movie is Coming in 2017 From The Makers of the Mummy!

A movie with the potential of unbridled fantasy. A series of full-length adaptations of Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher novels are set to hit the big screen beginning in 2017. Fantasy fans rejoice – a full-length movie based on The Witcher video game series is currently in the works over at The Sean Daniel Company. The Sean…read more

Here’s How Xbox One’ Backwards Compatibility is Going to Work!

We are now just days away from full Xbox One backwards compatibility. Soon all of you Xbox One owners will have the ability to play many of your favourite Xbox 360 games on your shiny new console. Earlier today, Microsoft published a new overview video; the video explains how it all works. The video should…read more

First-Person Virtual Reality Superhero Sim Game Coming To PS4!

In most cases today, if you were to squeeze yourself into colourful spandex, knee high boots and wear your underwear on the outside – you may find that people may not talk to you on the bus. However Sony may have just made the ultimate superhero fantasy come true for millions of people. Sony recently…read more