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The Ultimate Star Wars Fan Easter Egg Found In Battlefront!

Mind your head. A classic blooper from the original Star Wars movie has been spotted in Dice’s all new Star Wars Battlefront game. Remember that moment when the troopers came marching through the door in the original Star Wars movie and one of the troopers bumps their head on the door? Well it seems that…read more

Yet Another Blow For Batman: Arkham Knight on PC!

With RockSteady devs still coming up short, things just keep getting worse for Batman: Arkham Knight PC edition. Warner Bros have stated that they will officially stop giving support to PC players whose computers have multiple graphics cards – which is pretty much all of them – there is huge emphasis within the PC communities on rig…read more

Soon You Will Be Able to Play Your Favourite PS2 Games on Your PS4!

Not quite backwards compatibility but soon you will be able to play your favourite Playstation 2 games on your shiny new PS4. As not to be left behind in the race to be the number one video game console, Sony have announced that they are now working on what they call ’emulation’ technology that will…read more

Have you Lost a Loved One to Fallout 4? Fallout 4 is Ruining Lives!

The past week has been a surreal one – the streets have been empty, work stations are vacant, the phones haven’t rung in days. Police scanners have been awash with missing persons reports, is it the end of the world? Thankfully not, what has happened is that one of the world’s largest most absorbing video…read more

Metal Gear Solid Sniper Wolf ‘Pretty Girl’ Figure Revealed & She is Hot!

Metal Gear Solid’s Sniper Wolf has always been somewhat of a ‘hot topic’ with both gamers and pop culture fans worldwide but today Konami have raised the temperature even more with their latest ‘pretty girl’ Sniper Wolf figures. Following its debut showing at the New York Comic-Con last month, Kotobukiya has finally revealed a full…read more

Watch Idris Elba’s Gloriously Explosive Rainbow Six Siege Trailers!

Batten down the hatches, Ubisoft have just released a trailer that will blow the bloody doors off! And if that wasn’t enough, they have hired someone pretty special to guide us through the smoke and shrapnel. Hollywood megastar, Idris Elba is back in the thick of it once again as he joins Ubisoft to promote…read more

Star Wars Battlefront – Multiplayer character variations

A disturbance in the force emerging from our office, there is. We have spent many hours now spooling through Star Wars Battlefront and have loved every second of it. Battlefront does not have a single player campaign per say, meaning the majority of the game you will play online. This being the case, you will…read more