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Outlast 2 Has a New Teaser…

One year ago, Red Barrels announced that they were in development on the second instalment in their Outlast series. Today, they released their very first teaser for Outlast 2. Shot in first-person, it opens on a surface engulfed in flames, a cross. The camera shifts a little and it now looks like the cross is…read more

The Star Wars Battlefront Launch Trailer is Here!

Can you feel that? A disturbance in the force, there is. Star Wars Battlefront is very nearly upon us. Gamers and Star Wars fans alike are now counting down the days before they can get their hands on that rebel scum. The cinematic spectacle we have all been waiting for has arrived. EA and DICE…read more

Detroit: Become Human Announcement Trailer – Paris Games Week 2015

Detroit: Become Human Announcement Trailer – Paris Games Week 2015 During Sony’s Paris Games Week keynote conference today, developer Quantic Dream (Heavy Rain), finally revealed their long-awaited PS4 debut title. This ultra futuristic game has been named, Detroit: Become Human. The game will be based on Quantic Dream’s “Kara” tech demo from 2012 remember? Detroit is based…read more

Battlefield 4 Community Operations Gameplay Video is Bonkers!

Battlefield 4 is by far and away one of the most addictive online shooters of all time. Aside from maybe Call of Duty and Counterstrike – the Battlefield series single handedly rocked a generation. No one does war like Battlefield, the Battlefield series is famous for delivering the realistic hard hitting reality of war to…read more

An All New Star Wars Game Could Be On the Horizon!

During an AMA session on Reddit yesterday, Dan Borth of Red Fly Studios revealed that their studio has big plans to pick up and further a previously axed ‘big project’. It was at this point the internet went into meltdown. Why you ask? This ‘big project’ , as it turns out is huge. Mr Borth…read more

Batman Arkham Knight Gets it’s Re-launch Date Confirmed

Bringing a ghost town to life. With the release of Batman: Arkham Knight came the final chapter to a truly stellar series. Arkham Knight was widely hailed as the crowning glory to the Batman video game series. The game was bursting with content and boasting stunning graphics with compelling storyline to boot. Players were able to explore the city in such detail that even…read more