Battalion 1944 Is The Next Gen World War II Shooter We Have All Been Waiting For!

Battalion 1944 is tearing down the modern day shooter and taking us back to basics. This brand new World War II multiplayer shooter will be built on Unreal 4 and is currently in the works for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Battalion 1944 is taking its inspiration from the iconic. This talented team are taking…read more

Far Cry: Primal Just Dropped The Best Live Action Trailer Ever!

Ubisoft have just revealed the best live action trailer you have probably ever seen. In all my years of writing and playing games, today’s offering from Far Cry Primal is the best I’ve seen in terms of live action epic. The video is an action packed continuous monologue of time, it follows the path of…read more

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst Drops Its Long Awaited Story Trailer!

Dice have finally dropped the story trailer for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. As you would expect from a Mirror’s Edge game, the video is stunning. Faith is back and she is definitely not “broken”. Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is the highly anticipated sequel to 2008’s Mirror’s Edge.The manner in which Faiths story was portrayed in such a…read more

Spyro The Dragon Reborn In Unreal 4 Looks Sublime!

Spyro the Dragon is back, sort of. Take a look at what this classic PS1 game looks like when built on today’s Unreal 4 engine. Hits ya right in the feels doesn’t it!? Spyro was a small purple dragon that would jump, glide and slide his way through a beautiful world searching for fellow dragons…read more

That Vault-Tec Salesman From ‘Fallout 4’ Prank Calls People & The Results Are Hilarious!

Good morning, Vault-Tec calling! Has anyone ever tried to sell you a position in a state of the art underground Fallout shelter? Near the very beginning of Fallout 4, a charming young Vault-Tec salesman knocks on your door and outlines the basics of the Vault-Tec shelter system. He explains that the player has a pre-selected…read more

This Terrifying Gameplay From Dying Light: The Following Seriously Ups The Horror Ante!

Bigger is better. Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition is massive. Prepare to encounter new characters, enemies and quests in a new world so terrifying you will wish you never stepped out of Harran! Dying Light developer Techland have released two new, gorgeously brutal and equally terrifying gameplay videos for their upcoming DLC, The…read more

Visage: The Latest Horror To Challenge P.T. Stuns Critics With New Trailer!

If you struggled to hold your sh** together long enough to get through P.T, then I highly recommend that you steer well clear of Visage. This latest horror offering is a new breed of first-person horror that will have even the hardiest of horror fans clawing for the light switch! Of course, if you are…read more

The Battle Of Helm’s Deep Recreated In Fallout 4 Is The Best Thing You Will See This Week!

“It is said that his settlement has never fallen to assault.” What happens when two of the world’s greatest entertainment franchises come together in one colossal video? The answer, Carnage! He is at it again, Fallout 4 puppet master Cosmic Contrarian, is back with another epic Fallout fantasy ripper. This latest cacophony of violence has…read more

The Dark Souls Universe Is Getting A Comic Book Series!

The world-renowned video game series Dark Souls is getting its very own comic book series! According to the latest reports from Titan Comics, the Dark SoulsUniverse is set to make the move from console to print as soon as April this year. The Dark Souls comic book series will be written by George Mann, the…read more

P.T Inspired Horror ‘Layers Of Fear’ Is The Thing Of Nightmares & It Just Got A Release Date!

The highly anticipated, P.T. inspired, phycological horror Layers of Fear has finally been given a release date, along with a truly terrifying launch trailer. Layers of Fear is a first person “psychedelic” horror that is set to rock even the hardest of horror fans. The game is set in the Victorian era and follows the…read more

An All New Star Wars Game Could Be On the Horizon!

During an AMA session on Reddit yesterday, Dan Borth of Red Fly Studios revealed that their studio has big plans to pick up and further a previously axed ‘big project’. It was at this point the internet went into meltdown. Why you ask? This ‘big project’ , as it turns out is huge. Mr Borth…read more

Batman Arkham Knight Gets it’s Re-launch Date Confirmed

Bringing a ghost town to life. With the release of Batman: Arkham Knight came the final chapter to a truly stellar series. Arkham Knight was widely hailed as the crowning glory to the Batman video game series. The game was bursting with content and boasting stunning graphics with compelling storyline to boot. Players were able to explore the city in such detail that even…read more

Get Your First Look at Doom’s All New Multiplayer Gameplay!

Today is the day! The first multiplayer alpha for the long awaited Doom reboot is upon us. This latest edition to the Doom franchise hails the terrifying return of a childhood nightmare – but one I kinda love. This is an all new generation of Doom; it is the demonic rebirth of a classic that…read more

Iconic Back to the Future Scene Recreated in GTA 5!

Yup, we’re all about Back to the Future, again. The hype has officially reached fever pitch levels and the video game industry is certainly no stranger to the hype. October 21st 2015 is no ordinary day, as it is officially recognised as Back to the Future day. October 21st 2015 is the day that Marty…read more

5 of the Most Awesome Epic Fails From the Star Wars Battlefront Beta

The Battlefront Beta is over and with it comes the inevitable depression – the long and painful wait until the actual release date comes around. Of course in the interim we can all turn to the internet for our Battlefront fix. The internet is awash with Star Wars Battlefront gameplay – it is epic moments…read more

Fallout 4’s New Live Action Trailer Is a Thing of Absolute Beauty!

The post apocalyptic clock is ticking Fallout fans. With just under a month to go before we all get our hands on the game, Bethesda have really ramped up the PR with this beautiful live action trailer. Set in a sparse and barren land following a nuclear war that has left you, the sole survivor…read more

Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps – Bloody, Brutal Gameplay Revealed!

Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps is the multiplayer competitive shooter coming out of Capcom’s undead division. The game promises to be both brutal and calculated – a combination of fully automated weapons, head splitting hand to hand combat, all mixed in with hordes of ravenous undead – Umbrella Corps is a true bloodsport extravaganza! This latest…read more

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Could be Dropping in on World War 2!

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is the ultra futuristic, third edition to one of the world’s most popular and iconic shooters. Following Treyarch’s grand reveal of theBlack Ops 3 campaign trailer last last week, it would appear that the Call of Duty fan prayers have been answered and players may see a return to…read more