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Game Dev? Showcase your latest project with us – create a profile and share your project with the world. We aim support each and every emerging title and developer. Gaming is an ever changing industry and we are actively at the forefront of change!

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Gamertag Gaming is a specialist company that provide the latest Gaming/Entertainment news, pre-release features and reviews to publications all over the globe. We provide up to date gaming content that is tailored specifically to our clients audience.

What We Do

We aim to put your publication at the forefront of the entertainment industry. We provide industry specific gaming writers to individual publications worldwide. We will provide you with your very own writer (s) that will tailor content specifically for YOUR audience. We can populate your site/blog or print publication with engaging and truly exclusive gaming/entertainment stories on a daily basis.

Have as much or as little content from us as desired. Want to be number one for entertainment? We write the content, you get the hits!

Immediate path to Market 

Once your content is written and published to your publication, we can then share your new content across our networks of millions of industry specific fans. The aim here is to populate YOUR network with quality readers that will engage with you and your product.

The Market Opportunity

The computer gaming industry in the UK alone was worth £1.72bn in 2014, bigger than the movie industry at £1.05bn, the opportunities for new entrants and new services to the market are significant.
Globally revenues have grown from $52.5 billion in 2009 to approaching $90 billion in 2014.

The video games market is the second fastest growing segment, behind online advertising, with a growth rate estimated at 10.6 per cent over the next four years.

We Work With..

We work with Microsoft, Playstation, EA Games, Activision, Warner Bros Games, Codemasters, Bethsoft (Bethesda), Namco, Konami, Capcom, Nordic Games, Blizzard, Rare, Rage, Eidos, Square Enix and 505 Games. With more developers joining us each day..

The Gamertag Gaming company has been awarded full press accreditation with global game developers and even the video game related film companies across the industry.

This means that Gamertag gaming have access to press interview days, media launches, pre-release media testing and screenings as well as receiving press releases, screenshots, titles, console units and trailers for advance publication on across YOUR networks before they hit the wider market.

Supporting Indie Developers

Gamertag Gaming actively support and engage with the many talented Indie Developers worldwide.

We aim support each and every emerging title and developer. Gaming is an ever changing industry and we are actively at the forefront of change!

Our biggest client is American giant Moviepilot – in just 12 months we have brought them over 3.8M readers. Take a look at what we have done for them here – http://moviepilot.com/Gamertag-Gaming

Find Us Online 

Gamertag Gaming have a worldwide audience. Find us on Twitter, Facebook and our American hosts Moviepilot.





Gamertag Plus You..

We are always looking for talented and enthusiastic writers to join our team.

If you want to become part of the Gamertag team then drop us a line below!

Email us – [email protected]


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Gamertag Gaming provide the latest gaming/entertainment news, pre-release features and reviews. You can also find us over at http://moviepilot.com/Gamertag-Gaming - Written by @TimHortonGame

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