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New Batman Game Series On the Way From Telltale Games!

As the Game Awards 2015 draws to a close, there is an image seen sweeping across the sky – an iconic symbol lighting up the clouds. Yes, superhero fans rejoice, there is a new Batman game series on the way. During last nights Game Awards, Telltale games, known for their beautiful episodic game series’ revealed…read more

Batman Arkham Knight Getting Batman v Superman & Catwoman DLC!

This latest DLC to come out of RockSteady is a real comic book fan doozy. As of today, Batman Arkham Knight now has even more great content for you to play through. Today’s DLC drop contains so much comic book action that it should come with an overload warning. Not only will players now have…read more

Yet Another Blow For Batman: Arkham Knight on PC!

With RockSteady devs still coming up short, things just keep getting worse for Batman: Arkham Knight PC edition. Warner Bros have stated that they will officially stop giving support to PC players whose computers have multiple graphics cards – which is pretty much all of them – there is huge emphasis within the PC communities on rig…read more

Batman Arkham Knight Gets it’s Re-launch Date Confirmed

Bringing a ghost town to life. With the release of Batman: Arkham Knight came the final chapter to a truly stellar series. Arkham Knight was widely hailed as the crowning glory to the Batman video game series. The game was bursting with content and boasting stunning graphics with compelling storyline to boot. Players were able to explore the city in such detail that even…read more

Batman: Arkham Knight Has A Secret Intro! The Joker’s Not Actually Dead!?

That was not a typo, Batman: Arkham Knight does indeed have a secret intro that involves the Joker. The internet has been awash with Batman: Arkham Knight discoveries over the past week but this is taking top spot! Fans worldwide have been wondering what influence the Joker will have onBatman: Arkham Knight. Sure, there have…read more