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Suit Up – Watch the Fallout 4 Opening Cinematic Here!

Fallout 4, the game that we have all been waiting for is just a day away. With the embargo officially lifted, we can finally reveal to you the beautifully tragic opening cinematic for Fallout 4. The year is 2027 and war has ravaged the world, excessive consumption of resources has plunged the world into war….read more

The End of an Era Revealed in the New Mass Effect Trailer!

Mass Effect Andromeda gets an all new trailer this week. Take a deep breath before reading on however as the new trailer tragically symbolises the end of an era but also gives us a glimpse into the future of this epic franchise. It’s November people, probably the biggest month in the year for gamers. It’s…read more

Footage from Canned Star Wars Game is Finally Revealed!

If like me, you love checking out footage of previously canned video games, then today you are in for a treat. Star Wars First Assault was a FPS that was shut down back in 2012. I have known of its existence for some time now and just assumed that along with the project, any and…read more

This New Marvel Avengers Game Goes Somewhere Totally Unexpected!

Marvel-ous news everybody, Marvel have just announced their next game. This latest offering however has taken a decidedly different approach to the series. Were going somewhere completely different, somewhere totally unexpected – were going, back to school! Marvel Avengers Academy is the all new superhero simulator that sees the entire Avenger team transformed back to…read more

Rise of the Tomb Raider’s Final “Woman Vs. Wild” Video Is All About Tombs!

Microsoft has published the third and final installment in Rise of the Tomb Raider‘s “Woman Vs. Wild” video series. This latest video focuses on the action-adventure game’s perilous tombs. Watch it below. As you’ll see, this video goes over Rise of the Tomb Raider’s environmental puzzles, Lara Croft’s new translation skills, and her traversal skills,…read more

The New Star Wars Battlefront Trailer Teases the Battle of Jakku!

That’s right space fans! Battlefront will be taking us back to the Battle of Jakku. EA are transporting us back a full 29 years before the events of Episode VII: The Force Awakens. The Star Wars franchise is renowned for entertaining us with stunning space battles and breathtaking environments. This years offering from Star Wars…read more

Fallout 4 Gets Official Emojis, GIFs, and More for Your Smartphone

Fallout fans behold! You can now exchange messages on your smart phones and tablets using Bethesda’s  very own chat system! This Fallout message exchange is crammed packed with Fallout themed emojis and GIFs! The Communications Hub and Transmitter  or C.H.A.T. system is available for free, starting today on iOS and Android. It is easy as punch to…read more

First-Person Virtual Reality Superhero Sim Game Coming To PS4!

In most cases today, if you were to squeeze yourself into colourful spandex, knee high boots and wear your underwear on the outside – you may find that people may not talk to you on the bus. However Sony may have just made the ultimate superhero fantasy come true for millions of people. Sony recently…read more

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Will Get Mod Tools on PC Next Year!

Design, build and play your very own Call of Duty multiplayer maps! According to Treyarch, come early 2016 players who bought Black Ops 3 on PC will be able to make their own maps and modes. With a new title comes a new year, and with a new year comes the availability of using new…read more